Chandler Reiki Master publishes 2nd book The Chandler Arizonan

Chandler Reiki Master publishes 2nd book

Chandler Reiki Master publishes 2nd book

Arizonian News Staff


Chandler author and Reiki Master Olivia Veloso has published an autobiography that she hopes will help readers “come to know, understand and accept what we are all about from the inside out.”

The book, “Wherever You Take Me,” portrays events in Veloso’s life that “will seem unrelated” but eventually come together to show “everything is an integrated reality and that we are all connected in one way or another — making up the big picture in every chapter in our lives,” she said.

“Many times we don’t even know that we are in search of anything,” Veloso said. “Often we are not even aware that we are being guided to rediscover a greater person than we could ever imagine ourselves to become.”   

A native of the Philippines who lived in Spain before moving to Arizona in 2007, Veloso has enjoyed considerable success with her first book, “On the Wings of Manifestations,” published by Amazon in 2017. 

She spent 10 months writing the second book, which she said shows how she “was guided to cross the line that separates us from who we have become back to who we’ve come to be: where controlling our lives and our manifestations becomes unimportant and our human need to feel deserving comes to an end and instead, feel a sense of belonging.”

When she isn’t writing, Veloso teaches reiki, the Japanese practice of channeling reiki, or energy, for healing. 

She is a master of eight different systems of Reiki and has taught this practice for 24 years. 

A member of the Gendai Reiki Healing Association since the year 2000 and Gendai Reiki Network International in Japan, Veloso continues to teach Reiki and the Law of Attraction abroad, in Arizona and in other states. 

Veloso is also certified in other holistic fields and is an intuitive reader.

“Although I do mention reiki in my story, and I explain why and how I was guided to learn Reiki, my first book in general is about my guardian angel experiences,” Veloso said, explaining why her first book focuses on her experiences with hers and “my journey through wanting to understand how life and the law of attraction work.”

“Unlike other guardian angel books that compile stories from a variety of people, mine is based solely on my down-to-earth, everyday experiences and my success stories over 17 years,” Veloso said.

“My greatest wish is for my story to reach and help as many people as possible to understand what we are all about and that they too can create and manifest what they want in their lives – open doors, offering the chance to talk to their guardian angels and receive the guidance we all have access to.” 

She said her second book “goes deeper and has more information on the law of attraction.”

“My intention is to take my readers to another level of comprehension as to how and why life unfolds as it does and our relationship with the universe,” she said.

“To be honest, writing my books is a miracle in itself because my English isn’t perfect and yet I was inspired to share what I had learned for myself,” she said, adding she has already scheduled numerous presentations of her book in the Philippines and Spain over the next few months.

Information on Veloso’s Reiki and other holistic practices:  480-471-5891 or 480-266-4575 or e-mail

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