Chandler school benefits from trio’s laptop donation The Chandler Arizonan

Chandler school benefits from trio’s laptop donation

February 23rd, 2021 Chandler Arizona Staff
Chandler school benefits from trio’s laptop donation

Arizonian News Staff

Bright Beginnings School students and teachers recently received 30 new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go computers from a trio of donors.

The laptops and charging cart were donated to the school, at 400 N. Andersen Blvd., Chandler, by the Garth Brooks’ Teammates for Kids Foundation, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s First Down Fund and the Microsoft Store.

The three organizations share a commitment to support educators and students and “a belief that effective use of technology in schools can transform teaching and learning,” Microsoft said in a recent blog.

“Helping develop digital literacy in students is crucial to setting them up for success in school and beyond, and we are proud to be a part of this effort to level the playing field for all students,” the company added, praising the foundation and Fitzgerald’s organization for participating in its Digital Skills All-Star Program.

“This donation will have a huge impact on BBS, our students and our teachers,” said Principal Amanda Patrie. “BBS has always prided itself on providing a unique, personalized learning experience. This infusion of new technology allows us to take our student experience to the next level. BBS and our students are honored to be beneficiaries of this outstanding program.”

The donated devices “open up a world of new connectivity and creativity for students, including greater access to research, videos and presentation tools,” said school spokeswoman Tonya Marks, noting that teachers will have a greater ability to personalize learning through online platforms and digital assignments.

“Consistent technology in the classroom allows for more differentiated learning experiences and improved collaboration for our students,” said fourth grade teacher Amy Bates.

“We can continue to do what we are known for – teaching creativity, compassion, communication and collaboration – while ensuring our students are prepared to compete and thrive in an increasingly digital world,” Bates added.

Fitzgerald told Microsoft he was inspired by the chance to help others and give well-deserving kids a better start, getting them one step closer to achieving their dreams.

“It matches my priorities to partner up as teammates and try to level that playing field for these students by working with Microsoft and Garth Brooks’ foundation… to make sure that these students have every opportunity to succeed in school and in life,” he said.

Bright Beginnings is a K-8 school. Information:

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