Film looks at Chandler businesses in pandemic The Chandler Arizonan

Film looks at Chandler businesses in pandemic

Film looks at Chandler businesses in pandemic
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A Chandler production company has begun filming a documentary that will profile businesses as they attempt to recover from the recent economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amoroma Productions, which was founded in 2008, is searching for a number of Arizona-based small businesses to spotlight in a film its calling “The Silver Linings Project.”

Kellie Mendoza, co-owner of the Chandler company, said the film will attempt to capture the stories of local business owners who have spent the last couple months weathering through the pandemic’s chaotic impact.   

Layoffs, furloughs and shutdowns have all become commonplace in nearly every business sector since the COVID-19 virus abruptly toppled the state’s economy back in March.

Yet, Mendoza’s production team wants to positively focus on the businesses that have persevered through the storm and hope to make it out alive.

“With so much ambition, hopes, dreams and legacies, small business owners have such unique stories to tell, and never before have they collectively had such immense hurdles to overcome,” Mendoza said. “We aim to share not only their struggles, but their stories of rebuilding and reinvention that embody the American spirit so vividly.”

Amoroma is currently accepting submissions from businesses interested in being featured in the documentary.

The producers are seeking businesses from a wide cross-section of industries that have been jolted by the recent health crisis in one way or another.

Some businesses already featured in the project have included an art gallery, barbershop, tourism office and coffee shop.

Businesses that are franchises or publicly-traded companies are not eligible.

“This documentary aims to give small businesses a chance to share their compelling and highly relevant stories on a larger stage, which has often been reserved exclusively for large enterprises with hefty budgets and far-reaching platforms,” Mendoza added.

Arizona’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed to levels not seen since the Great Recession more than a decade ago. Thousands of claims for unemployment benefits have been filed over the last couple months and more than 270,000 of the state’s jobs have been lost.

Like all other businesses across the state, Amoroma has had to navigate an uncertain landscape as the state’s economy has been hindered by the pandemic.

The company gets its unique name from “amor,” the Spanish word for love – an important element of Amoroma’s overall mission as a company.

The filmmakers say they approach their work from an emotional perspective; creating content and telling stories that connect with audiences by pulling on their heartstrings.

Amoroma strives to create a sense of community through each of its projects, the company said, which is why it made sense for them to give back to its business peers by shining a light on their accomplishments.

“As small business owners ourselves, our mission has always been to give other companies a broader voice and help them connect with important audiences on a deeper level,” Mendoza said.

Amoroma regularly produces marketing content for big, upscale clients like The Phoenician Resort, Gila River Casinos, and the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel.

The “Silver Linings” project takes on a more communal aspect than the company’s other ventures, since it allows any business to potentially have their story told.

This project is intended to capture the resiliency of business owners, Amoroma said, during a time when they’re encountering challenges they’ve probably never seen before.

“The heart of our economy is reflected in thousands of entrepreneurs who pursue the American dream,” Mendoza added.

Amoroma is accepting written and video submissions from businesses until July 17. Those selected to participate will be notified by late July and the film is expected to debut by the end of the year.


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