Gen Z’ers connect Chandler businesses, young people The Chandler Arizonan

Gen Z’ers connect Chandler businesses, young people

Gen Z’ers connect Chandler businesses, young people

By Kevin Reagan
Arizonan Staff Writer

Never Not Social is a particularly apt name for Christian Weninger’s new marketing company.

The 19-year-old is a member of Generation Z, the young demographic that’s grown up immersed in Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

“We’ve never seen a day without social media pretty much,” Weninger said. “We’re used to seeing everything.”

The young entrepreneur thinks this overexposure to the internet plays to his advantage – he knows how people his age interact online and what type of content they respond to.

Other marketing firms may not fully understand today’s youth culture, Weninger said, so he thinks Never Not Social can help clients tap into his generation’s zeitgeist.

“When I was in high school, I really didn’t feel any companies really connecting with me,” he said. “I just always felt like people were selling to me or at me.”

Once upon a time, baby boomers gravitated to brands like Home Depot, UPS and Lowe’s. But today’s generation favors entertainment-focused brands like Netflix and YouTube.

Not only does Generation Z want to be amused, but it seems to want marketers to be authentic, smart and transparent. Every brand is one bad tweet away from falling into ruin.

Weninger, a Hamilton High School graduate and son of state Rep. Jeff Weninger, thinks his firm has the fresh, creative eye to help clients attract and engage these sought-after young consumers.   

Some may assume a 19-year-old is not experienced enough to run his own marketing firm, but Weninger said he’s ready to defy this stereotype.

“It’s the kind of the stigma we’re trying to break,” Weninger said, “Generation Z is willing to work hard and willing to help the community and be apart of it.”

This firm will hopefully inspire other young people in Chandler to start their own businesses, Weninger added, and not let their age interfere with their ambitions.

Before teaming up with Morgan Nash to start Never Not Social, Weninger ran an online lifestyle magazine while in high school and presided over a staff of young writers.

It started as a small project to provide an outlet for art and creativity, Weninger said, before expanding into a network of local musicians, photographers and models.

“We just wanted to have our own little blog,” Weninger recalled, “and it just grew dramatically to where we were hosting 200, 300-person fashion shows.”

The magazine’s operations have been put on hold, since most of Weninger’s collaborators have left Chandler to attend college.

But the experience of managing a digital magazine has given Weninger the confidence to dream bigger by starting a company offering a wide variety of services.

In addition to marketing and managing social media accounts, Never Not Social does a variety of event-planning services. They’ve already organized a number of holiday parties and grand openings for businesses around Chandler.

When he’s not managing Never Not Social, Weninger is taking business courses at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

Balancing homework with the stresses of starting a new company has not been too challenging, said Weninger, who almost seems to enjoy the chaos of having a busy schedule.

“I’ve just been raised with this entrepreneurial spirit,” Weninger added. “I love it so much it doesn’t even feel like work to me.”

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