‘Let’s be agents of change’ The Chandler Arizonan

‘Let’s be agents of change’

‘Let’s be agents of change’
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Here is the full text of Chandler Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Terri Kimble’s statement

The Chandler Chamber is guided by our mission:  To support business and our community by providing vital programs and services that attract and retain business while embracing our diversity. We promote this mission by deepening our long-held commitment to diversity and inclusion and by finding new ways to listen, understand and build unity.

With a country divided by fear, anger and frustration, I believe our commitment to diversity and inclusion has never been more important. Individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures make Chandler a better place and allow us to serve our diverse business community better.

Discrimination, injustice and violence allow no place for our business community to grow. Our communities are hurting, and we see it as our job to not only help them heal, but also to offer hope.

As our nation struggles with equality and inclusion issues, the Chandler Chamber will continue to work with community leaders to identify opportunities that will generate lasting change – now and for years to come. We are committed to doing our part to provide businesses equal access to high quality services no matter their race, religion, economic or ethnic background.

As a business community, let’s be the agents of change and be different together. 

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