Local CBD provider buoyed by product’s popularity The Chandler Arizonan

Local CBD provider buoyed by product’s popularity

Local CBD provider buoyed by product’s popularity

By Coty Dolores Miranda 

Arizonan Columnist


As the use of CBD, or cannabidiol, gains traction and acceptance for treating myriad ailments and conditions, the clientele and demographics broaden. 

And CBD storefronts in area shopping centers like Nature’s Bloom are becoming mainstream with the public.

“We’re an upscale CBD shop. We cater to a higher income group,” David Baker said of his business.

 Nature’s Bloom recently opened in Chandler’s Promenade at Fulton Ranch, about 10 months after Baker opened his first store in Scottsdale.

The Colorado Springs, Colorado, native credits his mother Nomi Lanari, a certified master gardener with 50 years creating outstanding gardens, as influencing his love of nature.

 “As a kid, my chores weren’t like other kids – dusting and vacuuming. I was outside in her gardens weeding.”

His mother’s battle with cancer – which her life two years ago – became a major impetus behind the look, feel and motive of Nature’s Bloom.

Moreover, a long background in the telecommunications industry was profitable for Baker but unfulfilling.

 “I spent 25 years in telecom and I have to tell you that it was like herding cats,” he laughed. “I had a successful company, we had government contracts but I grew weary of the whole dance.”

“With all the issues surrounding prescription pain relief and addiction that have become all too common, we formed Nature’s Bloom to help people with this possible healthy alternative,” he said.

His initial foray was an online operation that he started in 2018.

 But he sees the stigma behind CBD products continuing to wane with the educated public, though he said the industry still faces a challenge with their relatively swift introduction to the nation’s medicinal lexicon.

 “This is perhaps the biggest obstacle we face daily with customers. It is easy to confuse marijuana and hemp because in the most basic of terms they come from the same family: cannabis,” he said. 

“The difference is that hemp refers to cannabis that contains greater than .3 percent THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the buzz in marijuana or weed.” said Baker.

“At Nature’s Bloom, 100 percent of our products are produced with hemp and have been third-party tested to ensure they contain less than .3 percent THC, and are compliant with the law.”

After finding great acceptance at the first Nature’s Bloom in Old Town Scottsdale – which is operated by his son Nathan – Baker was ready to test the waters in the East Valley. 

He found the perfect site at the upscale Promenade at Fulton Ranch.

 “We love the Promenade property itself. Once we located it, we took a couple months to get the store ready, and design it for the demographics,” he said as he looked around the bright interior with its variegated hardwood floors and prominent display of colorful blooms.   

“My wife Kathryn was responsible for the interior decor and flower arrangements, and I’d say it’s nothing short of fabulous.”

Baker became more aware of hemp and the CBD industry while still living in Colorado. 

 “One of my dearest friends in Colorado is a hemp farmer, and as a friend I helped him with harvesting and saw the care he put into his products,” he recalled.

That friend is now a lead consultant for Nature’s Bloom Hemp Farming Consulting business.  

“He holds a degree in agricultural finance, and has been farming for 24 years,” said Baker. “He farms acreage of hemp in Colorado, and is available to consult with those who are thinking of farming hemp or may be having trouble with a current farm.” 

Baker further explained how the reclassification of hemp by law brought the CBD into public awareness.

After the Farm Bill of 2018 changed the classification of hemp, the CBD industry took off.

“There are many new products coming out every day from CBD coffee to CBD toothpicks and everything in between,” Baker explained. “With all of these products come lots of folks selling them as well. Some good, some bad, some outright crooks.

 We’ve got some unique products and the demographics here work very well,” said Baker. “Our Nature’s Bloom pain salve especially has proved very popular. People here play a lot of golf, tennis, pickleball and they find our pain salves help them continue or increase their activity”

As he meets one-on-one with curious customers, he educates them on the various products and their benefits.

“I like to explain to folks that CBD has many great benefits that may help with things ranging from anxiety, stress, and insomnia to pain and inflammation relief. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and promotes cell regeneration therefore lending itself nicely to many types of products,” said Baker.

 “Our clients love it after a hard workout for muscle pain or injuries, and the older crowd for arthritis and chronic pain.”

Afflicted by chronic pain himself due to a car accident, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and sciatica, Baker is a big believer in CBD, noting that he doesn’t require opioids, ibuprofen or other medications.

Grant Cunningham, a Los Angeles resident who frequents Chandler often for business, is a repeat customer at Nature’s Bloom.

“I wanted to try CBD because I’ve heard of the many medical benefits, particularly how it affected physical soreness and anxiety,” Cunningham explained. “I feel my soreness from sitting all day go away and my anxiety disappears.,” said Cunningham.

 Baker said passing along what he’s learned from experience and education in his product helps him as he meets with customers.

“We are not doctors or scientists, and do not claim to cure any diseases, or anything like that. We’re just folks that have experienced the positive and non-narcotic effects of CBD. We speak to the CBD-consuming public every day and are happy to share what we have experienced and learned. We’ve just got a really good product and business seems to be better every day,” he said.

As a result, he added, “Our repeat business, in particular, is just off the charts.”

 “We do spend the time with each and every customer, and we believe it’s important to answer their questions,” he said. “I’m not some kid out there trying to slam a sale. We are a business that believes in the health benefits of CBD.”

 Information: Nature’sBloom.net.

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