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Students in OR grads of Kyrene schools? One graduate of Kyrene that just started at Corona del Sol, a 6th grader at Kyrene Middle School and a 4th grader at Waggoner Elementary.

Occupation: Adjunct professor of biology.

Years in district: 9.

Educational background: BS zoology and MS in evolutionary biology.

Community involvement: PTO committee chair, PTO board member, PTO president, Maricopa County 4H Club leader.

What top three skills would you bring to the board? Listening: I am an introvert; I will listen to every single word you have to say and think about it. Studious: I read scholarly articles for fun. I will research all that I can about each issue and policy the board votes on. Analytical: I know how to analyze data, question conclusions and make research backed decisions. 

Why should voters vote for you? Any decision I make as a board member will have a direct effect on my own children. I place a high value on integrity and transparency. I believe education is life changing and essential for all children. I will govern responsibly and make collaboration a high priority. My only motivation for serving is to help our children and schools thrive.

Has the pandemic affected your view of a governing board’s role in general? If so, how? The pandemic has emphasized the importance of governing board members as a non-partisan collective voice of the community. It is important that they are respectful and responsive to all stakeholders. The decision the board makes when hiring a superintendent can have far reaching consequences, as this position sets the tone for how the district adapts and plans around unexpected circumstances.

Assuming COVID-19 will be with us indefinitely, does Kyrene need to do something it isn’t doing now to ensure a quality experience for students over the next four years:

1) Where academics generally – and preparation for high school specifically – are concerned? I

Over the next 4 years our in-person teachers and academic interventionists will need extra support as we strive to get all Kyrene students academically proficient and ready to thrive in high school. Kyrene Digital Academy is a great option for families that want to remain in a digital environment. I support continued education for our digital teachers as well.

2) Where students’ social-emotional wellness is concerned?

This pandemic will create challenges over the next four years that will likely increase adverse childhood experiences. I support having full-time counselors at all Kyrene schools. We need strong social-emotional wellness curriculum that will teach our children skills to care for their mental health. We also need to continue workshops for parents to have resources and information on these topics.

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