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Students in OR grads of Kyrene schools: My daughter attended Kyrene K-8, is now a student at ASU and I worked as a teacher and trainer in Kyrene for 19 years.

Occupation: Teacher, Instructional Technology Coordinator, starting my 36th year in public education.

Years in district: Lived in Kyrene for the last 21 years, employee in Kyrene for 19 years, parent in Kyrene for 9 years.

Educational background: Undergraduate degree from University of Maryland in special education; Master’s degree from University of Maryland in curriculum and instruction with a specialty in Reading Instruction

Community involvement: I am in my fourth year serving on the Kyrene School District Governing Board.

What top three skills would you bring or do you bring to the board? I have a deep understanding of the inner workings of a school district.

I am detailed oriented, I read and study all documents provided and I do my own research to further understand concepts, issues, and decisions.

I come prepared for discussion. I ask detailed questions to understand and help the community understand Board related topics and decisions.

Why should voters vote for you? I want to serve Kyrene to continue its strong history of quality schools which strengthen and add value to our community. I will focus on a data-driven approach to student achievement, the allocation of resources to hire and retain quality staff. I will listen to stakeholders, will do my own research and come prepared to ask questions and engage in quality discussions.

Has the pandemic affected your view of a governing board’s role in general? If so, how? The pandemic has not changed my view of the role of the board but has truly emphasized the great importance and weight the Board serves in decision making.

Assuming COVID-19 will be with us indefinitely, does Kyrene need to do something it isn’t doing now to ensure a quality experience for students over the next four years:

1) Where academics generally – and preparation for high school specifically – are concerned? Kyrene should invest in a robust learning management system, and further train teachers to build and utilize technology-rich engaging strategies so that no matter the environment, Kyrene can provide quality educational experiences for all students. They should consider new strategies for providing differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. They must be agile and flexible to be able to address change and needs as they arise.

2) Where students’ social-emotional wellness is concerned? Students have suffered emotionally through this pandemic. Providing additional programs for students to address their social emotional needs will be important during on-site closures and when students return to school buildings. The need for school counselors is greater than ever before. Possible grant or internship opportunities may help to bring more supports and services to our students.

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