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Moms of disabled kids need state help now

Moms of disabled kids need state help now

By Michelle Thorne
Guest Writer

Since the shutdown in March, the Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Education have had ample time to figure out how to best serve the communities education needs in the midst of the pandemic and the response has been miniscule.

We understand that this is an unprecedented time. We understand it is not usually the role and responsibility for the Department of Education to provide in-home aids to parents attempting to do in-home learning.

We understand it is not usually the Department of Developmental Disabilities’ policy to pay parents to have providers in the home during school hours.

These are not typical times. We need action and we need it quickly.

Our community is crumbling. Mothers who usually suffer from PTSD are losing their battle with depression and anxiety as they watch their children fall farther behind the Education Department and Department of Developmental Disabilities quibble over which department is responsible to provide these services.

We need action – and not in a week or two; we need it now!

We need creative solutions to this problem.

We need DDD to allow parents to hire respite workers to come into the home during school hours to help with in-home learning.

We need the Department of Education to forge creative solutions to this problem by partnering with Universities and to create programs that would allow students to get University credits to work with SPED students in-home during the pandemic.

We need to have online options for students who are medically fragile even if schools have re-opened to in-school learning.

We need help.

We are drowning and we need our leaders to lead.

Now is when we need these departments more than ever. They can impact the mental health of parents and children all around the valley by simply stepping up and making the tough decision to allow for unconventional solutions during this unprecedented time.

We need help. We need some relief. I pray that they take swift action to help the families under their care.

Michelle Thorne is founder of the Differently Abled Mothers Empowerment Society, which helps mothers of disabled children.  Information:

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