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Nelson: The skills I will bring to the board

October 20th, 2020 Chandler Arizona Staff
Nelson: The skills I will bring to the board

By Trine´ Nelson
Arizonan Guest Writer

My entire career has been in and around education. I began working with teenagers and I currently work with young adults.

My two children are attending Kyrene schools and have varying educational needs. I’ve also had the privilege of serving for two years on the community superintendent council.

These experiences have allowed me to see the strengths, the diversity, and the specific needs in the Kyrene community. I believe that my own journey in Kyrene would make me a great advocate for every child in Kyrene and their individual experiences.

Two of the pillars in Kyrene are providing learning environments to assist children reach their maximum potential while promoting a culture of inclusion.

In my time in the Kyrene district, I’ve seen wonderful educators and administrators who have embraced these pillars…

…Classroom teachers who provide alternative seating options for all of their students, ones who teach their students about mindfulness and provide spaces for them to decompress.

…Music teachers who strive to not let the personal financial situation of their students prohibit their participation in band, and the principals that remind communities weekly that our differences are what make us better and that we are all better together.

The work Dr. Vesely has spearheaded around equity is just another indicator of a district that has embraced a culture of inclusion and not just for students with disabilities or racial minorities but as part of a core intent and mission of equity for all.

If you have your mind on equity, it’s less about programs and more about opportunity and planning for the full range of learners in every classroom.

As Dr. Vesely prepares to move on to a new phase, I express my thanks for her leadership. Her willingness, and ability, to guide Kyrene with a steady hand and an eye towards elevating all students during the COVID-19 crisis is deeply appreciated.

Now, the work continues. The search for a new superintendent is one of the most important actions a governing board can undertake. I look forward to seeing a thoughtful, transparent search conducted where the diverse needs of students, teachers, and community are center.

More than ever, it is imperative we have board members who can work collaboratively to guide this important search.

Throughout my career, I’ve been able to demonstrate the ability to identify priorities, successfully work with large groups who often have diverse viewpoints and work to build consensus to achieve a common goal.

I hope to be able to bring those same skills to the Kyrene Governing Board with a driven, balanced, and collaborative approach.

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