New principal proud of students’ safety diligence The Chandler Arizonan

New principal proud of students’ safety diligence

November 3rd, 2020 Chandler Arizona Staff
New principal proud of students’ safety diligence

By Jennifer White
Arizonan Guest Writer

This has been a school year like no other.

Remote learning. Hybrid schedules. Online log-ins. Technological challenges.

If you’re a parent of a school-aged child, you know what I’m talking about.

As the new principal at Legacy Traditional School-North Chandler, I’m proud we’ve given our students a sense of normalcy with our return late last month to 100 percent in-person instruction.

Families who for the time being prefer a virtual education still have that option and, whether in-person or remote, our goal remains the same: to provide the best possible education to the students in our care.

This is personal for me; my youngest child attends 8th grade at Legacy-North Chandler.

So, I think I know a bit about the range of emotions Arizona parents are feeling this fall as they try to make decisions about their children’s education while keeping track of COVID-19 dashboards and evolving public health recommendations. I, too, have felt the anxiety and uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

But I’m also confident that – working together – we are up to the challenge. Since returning to in-person instruction a few weeks ago, we’ve all gotten accustomed to the new routine.

That means distancing from each other on campus and in the classroom, everyone is wearing a mask, and we’re sanitizing, washing hands, cleansing, and washing hands some more.

I’m so proud of our students and staff members for helping to keep each other safe and healthy.

This is my 25th year in public education – I’ve taught everything from kindergarten to high school English, and been a librarian, athletic director, middle school principal and more. I feel fortunate this breadth of experience from the classroom to administrative offices is something I can rely upon now that we’re confronting circumstances that may have seemed unimaginable as 2020 began.

COVID-19 or not, the fundamentals for a great education remain the same. Key ingredients include healthy classrooms where students feel safe; excellent teachers who are empowered; and involved parents. I joined Legacy Traditional Schools because this is truly a family.

Of course, being part of a family comes with responsibility. Our students are taught to think critically, care for others and love this country we’re blessed to call home. These are timeless values that are perhaps more important today than ever before.

I’m excited to bring my passion for education to Chandler, and thankful to this community for welcoming me with open arms. Let’s make it a great year!

Jennifer White is the new Principal at Legacy Traditional School-North Chandler. This is her 25th year in public education. Information:

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