Police Academy Association’s raffle basket a win-win The Chandler Arizonan

Police Academy Association’s raffle basket a win-win

Police Academy Association’s raffle basket a win-win
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The Citizens Police Academy Association of Chandler made a local man happy and helped raise money for a worthy cause recently.

It presented a basket with $1,200 worth of coupons for a Sedona getaway to Nathan Zdilla of Chandler.

CPAAC comprises alumni from the Chandler Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy class who want to give back to the Chandler Police Department and act as goodwill ambassadors to the community.

“I’d just like to say thank you very much,” Zdilla says. “All the time and dedication you give to the police department is very much appreciated.”

Zdilla purchased the winning ticket at a recent annual Chandler Public Safety Fair, a partnership between Chandler police and fire departments.

A former Chandler police cadet studying for an emergency management degree through Northern Arizona University online, Zdilla is working full-time for Chandler Police as a police investigative specialist.

“I’ll be investigating incidents where no suspect is on scene, such as burglaries, fender-bender accidents without injuries, whenever there is a police report requested,” Zdilla explained.

CPAAC members Linda Goth and Lorraine Bacuita gathered the donated items for three nights of lodging at Elements Hotel, food and activities in Sedona.

The items included gift certificates to Renee’s, Secret Garden, Mesa Grill and more. There was a donated round of golf from Oak Creek Golf, a glass-blowing tour and flower-making session from The Melting Point, a coffee press, coffee donated by Starbucks at Queen Creek and Alma School in Chandler and other goodies.

The basket was a fundraiser for CPAAC to support the nonprofit’s activities.

“We are pleased with the fundraiser, and I believe the community learned more about who we are and what we do to assist the Chandler Police Department,” said Aaron Tippetts, CPAAC president and a member of CPAAC since its inception.

“We appreciate all the vendors who donated to the gift basket.”

CPAAC is a volunteer organization that supports the mission of the Chandler Police Department and the Citizens Police Academy class sponsored by CPD.

CPAAC members remain engaged and receive ongoing informational updates, spread the word about Chandler Police Department’s community services, participate in community activities, provide occasional volunteer support to Chandler Police Department and more.

CPAAC normally meets monthly at the Main Police Station with guest speakers related to law enforcement, future service projects, fundraising opportunities and networking. Dues are $20 annually.

Membership in CPAAC requires completing Chandler Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy, which is offered twice yearly at no cost to attendees. Full details are available by visiting cpaac.org/members.

Information: cpaac.org or email info@cpaac.org.

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