Realtor helps cancer victim in a big way The Chandler Arizonan

Realtor helps cancer victim in a big way

November 17th, 2020 Chandler Arizona Staff
Realtor helps cancer victim in a big way


The community rallied in a big way to Chandler Realtor Darwin Wall’s Breast Cancer Awareness Pub Crawl the third weekend of October, helping Wall and his team to raise $15,000 to defray a breast cancer victim’s medical bills.

The amount raised at last month’s pub crawl was twice what Wall’s team raised last year and the biggest raised in the past six years he has run the annual effort.

Wall said there were several reasons that he thinks the seventh annual pub crawl was so successful.

“I truly feel this pandemic made many people take a step back and realize what’s really important in life like our health and the quality time we spend with people,” he said.

Georgann Roberts, the beneficiary for this year’s event, has endured five surgeries in five months and is facing two more operations as out-of-pocket expenses go through the roof.

“Georgann has been a trusted partner of the Darwin Wall Team for many years when it comes to home warranties as she works for Fidelity Home Warranty,” Wall said.

“Her son Nolan is a general contractor for Grindstone General Contractor who does everything from handy man work to remodels for many members and clients of our team. She is fighting the tough fight while still helping us keep our clients happy, how could we not choose her?”

Wall had enlisted 25 sponsors as well as eight participating Chandler bars, including Murphy’s Law, Bourbon Jacks, Ghett’yo Taco, SanTan Brewing, The Local, 1912 Lounge at the San Marcos Resort, The Stanley and Pedal Haus.

For each $50 donation, participants received an event t-shirt made by Chandler’s State 48 so that when they visited each bar, they got a complimentary drink and food specials.

This year the crawl was extended from a few hours one evening to three days – which Wall said probably also contributed to its smashing success.

“At first this was really a gamble,” Wall said. “We didn’t know how a three-day event would stack up to a one-day, power-packed event. But in the end, it turned out to be a home run.”

The participating bars went above and beyond to help make the event a success, he added.

“Every year we almost push every bar to capacity,” Wall said. “This year we asked the bars to accommodate us in the middle of a pandemic, I think that makes every bar considered above and beyond. We are so grateful for their support even in these challenging times and hope we brought them some good business throughout the weekend.”

There were also many cancer survivors who joined in the fun.

“Cherie Booth comes every year with her friend Sonja Clark,” Wall said. “At the Darwin Wall Team, we already have the utmost respect for educators so we loved to see Brenda Gerson and Joanna Murray, my kids’ former teachers at Hull Elementary, and their husbands Mike and Dave take time to always support our cause.”

Wall said Mike Gerson “not only comes ready to party but he’s also been a sponsor the last few years.”

Wall runs the event through a nonprofit called Save Second Base, so everything that was collected is not only tax deductible but goes directly to the beneficiary.

“We not only had a record number this year but are lucky enough to have the absolute best of them,” Wall said. “Many of our sponsors not only sponsor the event, they donate amazing raffle items and they come and bring big groups with them making the event even more fun.”

Among them, he said, were Pablo Reynoso with SoCal Fish Tacos in Downtown Gilbert and Radi Rahimi and Ryan Nouis with their newly acquired Pitt Fitness in South Chandler.

And Wall and his team also rolled up their sleeves for the event.

“Every Realtor knows you have to work hard to play hard,” Wall said. “Our team was doing early morning showings and taking phone calls the whole weekend. The best part about being on such a tight knit team is that we always have each other’s backs.

“When someone had a client to attend to, someone else stepped up and took their responsibility at the pub crawl. This is exactly how we work as a team on an everyday basis.”

But in the long run, he added, what mattered was helping someone who needed it.

“This is a cause we truly believe in and it’s one of the highlights of our year,” Wall said. “We get the most satisfaction from bringing people from all reaches of the Darwin Wall Team together to raise money for a very deserving individual and have an absolute blast doing it.”

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