Wright: Everyone can play a role in Kyrene’s success The Chandler Arizonan

Wright: Everyone can play a role in Kyrene’s success

October 20th, 2020 Chandler Arizona Staff
Wright: Everyone can play a role in Kyrene’s success

By Margaret Wright
Arizonan Guest Writer

In 2017 our oldest child started middle school. We decided to enroll him in our neighborhood school even though it didn’t have a great reputation.

Our family was committed to finding ways to rejuvenate, support and improve our middle school. I began to see many wonderful and inspiring things going on behind the scenes.

By the beginning of year 2, it was obvious that I could be the most helpful by volunteering to fill the unfilled role of PTO president. I lacked knowledge on how to do a lot of things but I knew the reason behind my service was to find small ways to help.

In a conversation with our school counselor, I learned that she had hungry students in her office every day. Hungry children can’t focus in their classrooms and she hoped to offer them fresh food options for snacks.

We included a plea in our PTO newsletter for a donation of a used refrigerator, found a parent willing to donate one, arranged a transportation donation and installed it with donated time from campus facilities.

Each small individual effort to help was offered by different members of the community, which in turn created a huge cumulative impact for those students and their ability to thrive at school.

A community can find new and creative ways to support their school. Our PTO did not have a large financial reserve. I decided to bring a new and rejuvenating fundraising effort to the school.

It was impressive to see the community come together to help by making small donations towards a larger goal. With one fundraiser, we were able to raise more than double what was raised in the four previous years! Giving is exponentially compounded when we involve the community.

With our stronger budget came the rewarding experience of reimbursing teachers for their tremendous sacrifices to personally buy much needed classroom supplies: snacks, headphones, tissues, calculators, art supplies, software subscriptions and STEM equipment.

It was an honor to see firsthand how much our educators give of themselves. They know that their investments in student learning will pay off in a big way for the future of our society.

I believe that every single person involved with a school is interested in seeing it succeed. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and even the local neighbors want their school to be a great school!

I am confident rejuvenating efforts to support and improve the student experience are happening at each of our unique Kyrene schools.

I have learned through my years of service that involving the whole community is the most effective way to find solutions to our problems. Small donations of money, time or talents can have huge impacts.

Our Governing Board is meant to set a unifying vision for Kyrene. Serving on the board means finding ways to collaborate with our community and inspire them to be involved. Each member of the school board and every person involved with our district brings the capacity to be an influence for good.

I encourage each of you to take a moment and think about what small way you can help. It will always be the small things that make the difference in creating the better future we all hope for. 

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